Spotlight Feature #4 – Homecoming Sunday Brunch @ the 4Points by Sheraton/San Rafael…

Beginning at 9:30 am on Sunday Morning, October 13, 2019, we are going to gather together in the Dining Room (and/or on the Patio by the pool) at the 4Points by Sheraton/San Rafael for our ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ Homecoming Brunch to wrap-up our 50th Reunion Weekend…

The 4Points by Sheraton/San Rafael (our ‘Host Hotel’) was originally a ‘Holiday Inn’ that opened during our final year of high school in 1969. Many of our classmates landed their first jobs as teenagers working at the ‘Holiday Inn On The Hill’ doing things for probably $1.75 to $2.00 per hour that they will likely never forget doing. 50 years hence we’re going to gather together again at the top of the hill in celebration of our 50th Class Reunion and as you can see by the images above and below – the place has never looked better…

The 4Points by Sheraton/San Rafael offers free parking on-site, 235 guestrooms with 55-inch flat screen TVs, complimentary Wi-Fi and incredibly comfortable, best-in-class beds. During our 50th Reunion weekend we’ll be able to dine at their Hillside Tavern restaurant, or walk down the hill to find local neighborhood favorites within the Northgate Mall. Who among us doesn’t remember the Northgate Mall?

Please Remember: For a limited period of time you can reserve either a King or a Double Queen room at the 4Points by Sheraton/San Rafael for ONLY $179 per night!(These special rate rooms are available on a first come – first served basis and when they’re gone – they’re gone. So, please don’t delay any longer making your ‘Host Hotel’ room reservations.) If you’d like to secure your room right now please ‘click’ through to our TLHS Class of 1969 Reservation portal.

The 4Points by Sheraton/San Rafael boasts having a personal workout Gym, a lovely outdoor Pool and a cozy, comfortable Bar on-site. You can choose whichever order of attendance/usage suits your fancy…

It’s not a big hotel, yet it’s not a small hotel. It is definitely well-appointed for the business or 50th Reunion Traveller. So, bring your workout clothes, bring your swimsuit, bring your appetite and your thirst to the 4Points by Sheraton/San Rafael – ‘cuz you’ll need them all during our 50th Reunion Partay! weekend.

There’s a wonderful Mediterranean/Cali-Cuisine ambience that the 4Points by Sheraton/San Rafael is well-known for. Our ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ Homecoming Sunday Brunch will allow you to enjoy as much, or as little eatin’ as you want. Coffee and a pastry – no problem. Steak ‘n Eggs – coming right up. Breakfast Burrito – Si! Fond farewells between you and your classmates of 50+ years over a plate of Belgian waffles – that’s what your whole weekend will be building towards…

3 days x 4 events = a 50th Reunion Partay! that the TLHS Class of 1969 is ready to enjoy together with great gusto and good feelings. All that’s left for you to do (if you have not done so already) is to register for the Events you want to attend and secure your ‘Host Hotel’ room – sooner rather than later.

We’re looking forward to having a wonderful weekend together in October and as 50th Reunions go – this one is going to be as special as we can make it. Safe travels on your ways back home and thanks for staying connected these five decades long.

~~~ Your 50th Reunion Committee
Natalie, Bonnie, Paul, Mary, Lynn and Diane



Spotlight Feature #3 – Mirrors of Our Trojan Past Partay @ the Marinwood Community Center…

What could be better than: being in the midst of our old neighborhoods; eating from a delicious menu of fresh-cooked BBQ’d foods; drinking our favorite beverages; listening to music and laughter; and, making new memories with old friends?… Not much!

Here in 2019, the Mirrors of Our Trojan Past Partay will reflect images and memories back to us of times spent together, days spent apart, and the importance of our being able to return to the community from whence we came, which helps us to better understand why we are where we are in our lives today.

So, on Saturday, October 12th, 2019, beginning at 5:00 pm and running through until 10:00 pm at the Marinwood Community Center, we classmates from the Terra Linda High School Class of 1969 (and our many friends) will gather together in celebration of our lives, our memories, and our relationships – with great food, drink, music, and more.

The atmosphere and dress for the Partay will be casual with table seating available indoors and out (weather permitting). The fresh-made, all-you-can-eat BBQ menu will include hamburgers, hot dogs, polish sausage, chicken, veggie burgers, salads and desserts. Wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided, plus, if you have a favorite homebrew or homemade wine varietal that you’d like to share – we’ll have ice chests available for the Bring-Your-Own-Brew crew to fill-up as they’d like.

Favorite Brews, Beers, Wines and Liquors Welcome!

We’ve all been friends – some closer, some not so close – for 50+ years. As a group, you may remember that we provide a scholarship to one deserving senior student at TLHS every year. In order to secure the funding for that program a Silent Auction will take place during Saturday’s BBQ Partay (as well as on Friday night @ San Rafael Joe’s). Included in these auction(s) will be items like this from Mary Meyers Cheése…

This is a hand-crafted ‘upscaled’ chair that Mary will be offering in support of our Scholarship Fund. It was a pile of broken chair parts at one point – and after indulging in her obsession with color, reuse and ‘something’ – this is the finished work of cultural art she has created. It’s just amazingly beautiful – laced with the Terra Linda High School colors we know so well.

Also, Paul and Diane Ennis do a fair amount of nature/outdoor photography and they plan on submitting some framed photos to our Silent Auctions, which could grace the walls of your home or office – along the lines of these images…

From Bacchus to boats and grapes to prayer flags there are certain scenes that are worthy of capture and worthy of sharing. If you’d like to see more of Diane’s work please check out her Shutterstock portfolio here.

But, our Saturday BBQ Partay is going to be about much more than fund-raising. We have a very talented class of people who’ve spent years and years of time in a variety of performance-based endeavors and we’re going to put on a Talent Showcase beginning at 6:00 pm that will be sure to tickle your fancy, stimulate your heartbeat, and sooth your souls. We have singers, muscians, poets, writers and comedians among our ranks and you’ll get to hear from them all before the evening is over… (If you want to secure your 15-minutes of fame on our stage – please contact Natalie Cox via e-mail here musicians@lmi.net)

Natalie Cox will be coordinating the Talent Showcase, as well as playing her Harp for all to enjoy. Plus, we will have a variety of our classmates performing and singing and reading and laughing… long into the night.

The 50th Reunion of our class is no doubt a momentous occasion. One worthy of our spending the kind of quality time together that we’re planning to do, and that we don’t often get to do. Too many of us are not here, for a variety of reasons, which only makes it that much more important to savor, celebrate, and keep our hearts and minds focused on the present – the only ‘real’ thing that matters in the end.

We’re looking forward to having a wonderful weekend together in October and as 50th Reunions go – this one is going to be as special as we all can make it. Safe travels on your ways back home and thanks for staying connected these five decades long.

~~~ Your 50th Reunion Committee
Natalie, Bonnie, Paul, Mary, Lynn and Diane



Spotlight Feature #2: The Welcome Home Reception – Blue and Gold Night…

San Rafael Joe’s is well-known for its contemporary Italian-American cuisine, modest prices, and convivial atmosphere. They have been doing what they do in downtown San Rafael for over 72 years.

Our 50th Reunion Celebration will slide into San Rafael Joe’s Banquet Room from 6:00 pm until 10:30 pm on Friday, October 11, 2019. The Welcome Home Reception: Blue and Gold Night festivities will include a cocktail party-style event with delicious hors d’oeuvres and ‘No-Host/Cash Bar’ beverage service – right in the heart of downtown San Rafael. We’ll be playing our class music, telling tall tales, enjoying great food and drinks, bidding on ‘Silent Auction’ items in support of our Class Scholarship Fund and celebrating 50-years of memories and life events together. (BTW, convenient parking is available in several off-street and on-street areas of 4th Street.)

There’s seating and table space for 200+ people in San Rafael Joe’s Banquet Room. So, now’s the time for all good 69er Trojan’s to make your reservations and plan to attend!

The casual atmosphere and spacious surroundings in San Rafael Joe’s Banquet Room will lend itself well to our 50th Reunion Celebration. In fact, on both Friday and Saturday nights there will be a variety of ‘Silent Auction’ items on display – all of which have been made, produced, and/or created by our fellow classmates over the course of their past 50+ years of living. So, besides making a contribution in support of our Class Scholarship Fund – anyone who wins an auction item will also be picking up an original work of something – made by someone they’ve known from as far back as 1969. For instance…

Natalie Cox has performed for over 40+ years as a professional harpist throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, both as a soloist and with her various ensembles. Whether in concert or for special occasions Natalie offers many styles of music to fit every mood.

We’re all gonna be treated to some high quality Natalie Cox Harp music in two different ways: She will be donating several of her audio CD’s in support of the ‘Silent Auction’, and she will be performing on Saturday night at the Marinwood Community Center as a part of our ‘Talent Showcase’ during the BBQ dinner festivities. If you would like to learn more about Natalie and her musical work please check out her website here. Plus…

Michael Moss has been an avid outdoor and nature photographer for most of his life and his travels have taken him to 28+ countries around the world.

If you’ve always wanted to have a Michael Moss print grace the walls of your home or office – this October you’ll have a chance to bid on and perhaps win one – whilst supporting our Class Scholarship Fund in the process. (Whether or not Michael performs as a part of the ‘Talent Showcase’ on Saturday night will depend upon how much alcohol he consumes, and/or how high the bidding/betting gets up to between us all as coercive co-conspirators.) If you would like to learn more about Michael’s work and see examples of his award winning photographs online please visit his cafepress online portal here or, his redbubble gallery here or, his zazzle online storefront here.

Welcoming friends and families since 1947, San Rafael Joe’s has established itself as a Marin County tradition. With a full bar, large dining rooms, and banquet facilities, along with live music five nights a week, they can accommodate an array of occasions, from intimate gatherings to special events.

At San Rafael Joe’s on Friday night October 11th your taste buds will also be able to enjoy a variety of Italian cold cuts, cheeses, mini-meatballs, deep fried zucchini, stuffed mushroom caps, Frittata, Bruschetta, deep fried ravioli and calamari, as well. Plus, we will have our own private ‘No-Host/Cash Bar’ service within the Banquet Room to keep the libations flowing. Can you say: “A good time will be had by all!”

Hope to C U cruising down 4th Street on the way to San Rafael Joe’s in October!

~~~ Your 50th Reunion Committee
Natalie, Bonnie, Paul, Mary, Lynn and Diane



Spotlight Feature #1: Our Back-To-School Campus Tour…

$36 Million+ worth of construction and renovation projects on the TLHS campus are nearing completion as the Summer of 2019 rolls along.

Many, many things have changed on our beloved Terra Linda High School campus over the past 50+ years. Here’s a rundown of the most recent renovation and construction projects that we’ll be able to check-out on our ‘Back-To-School Campus Tour’ – Friday, October 11th, 2019.

Over the past few years several large building projects have been initiated on the TLHS campus at an expected cost of $ 36 Million+. These include the construction of a NEW 2-story Student Commons Building, which will house a Cafeteria, Kitchen, Music Classroom, Drama Classroom, Black Box Theater, Library, Computer Classroom, Accessory Classrooms and Staff Lounge.

  • If you would like to learn more about these specific TLHS projects you can review a .pdf file, which contains the SRCS June 2019 Summary Update, by ‘clicking’ the ‘Download’ button below. Or, if you really want to dive deep into these issues you can visit the San Rafael City Schools Bond Program Website for even more details.

Construction site-work begun earlier this year included the renovation/removal of our famously, or infamously, ‘Bunny Covered Amphitheater’.

THEN – The ‘Bunny Covered Amphitheater’ – June 12, 1969

NOW – The ‘Completely Gone Amphitheater’ – July 2019
(Do they really know what they’re going to be missing?)

We’ve made arrangements with the Leadership Class at TLHS to provide us with several Student Docents for our ‘Back-to-School Campus Tour’ on Friday afternoon, October 11th, 2019 from 3:00 pm until 4:30 pm. We’ll meet in front of the Gymnasium (next to the football field) and proceed ahead into the campus environs from there.

Inside this Gymnasium we ate food, sang songs, played sports, danced our first dances, kissed our first loves and played ‘EarthBall’ on our butts during PE Classes. Talk about memories to remember!

The swimming pool is still the same – the football field is definitely not…

The Tartan track surface, AstroTurf playing field and brand new all-weather bleachers were installed within the last 10-15 years. They are a far cry from the dirt, grass, sand and woodchip-filled broad jump pits of the mid- 1960’s that we sweated upon.

Once a Trojan – Always a Trojan! After 50+ years these words still ring true. The Blue-n-Gold colors are as vibrant and strong as ever – they’ve defined generations of students’ beliefs and fashion choices – up to and including ourselves here in 2019.

There’s only one Terra Linda High School (no matter how much it’s changed in 50+ years). We hope you will join us on Friday afternoon, October 11th, 2019 beginning at 3:00 pm for our ‘Back-to-School Campus Tour’. We’ll be cruising down memory lane and gliding back into the present-day reality of what Terra Linda High School has become here in 2019 – all in 90 minutes, or less!

While this sign is more modern than what we had on campus in 1969 – the values learned, the intentions aspired to, and the activities that take place on the TLHS campus everyday – are still pretty much the same as what we enjoyed/experienced over 50-years ago.

Progress and change are good – keeping up with things is essential to understanding how we got to where we are today.

C U back on-campus in October!

~~~ Your 50th Reunion Committee
Natalie, Bonnie, Paul, Mary, Lynn and Diane


5, 4, 3, 2, 1, … It’s Homecoming Time for the TLHS Class of 1969!

Registration is now OPEN for all 50th Anniversary Class Reunion events taking place between Friday/October 11th & Sunday/October 13th, 2019.

Plus, you can make your host hotel reservations at the Four Points by Sheraton/San Rafael, as well.

He’s Hip, He’s Cool He’s ‘Terry’ the TLHS ’69 Bunny

C U in October!

~~~ Your 50th Reunion Committee
Natalie, Bonnie, Paul, Mary, Lynn and Diane