Spotlight Feature #3 – Mirrors of Our Trojan Past Partay @ the Marinwood Community Center…

What could be better than: being in the midst of our old neighborhoods; eating from a delicious menu of fresh-cooked BBQ’d foods; drinking our favorite beverages; listening to music and laughter; and, making new memories with old friends?… Not much!

Here in 2019, the Mirrors of Our Trojan Past Partay will reflect images and memories back to us of times spent together, days spent apart, and the importance of our being able to return to the community from whence we came, which helps us to better understand why we are where we are in our lives today.

So, on Saturday, October 12th, 2019, beginning at 5:00 pm and running through until 10:00 pm at the Marinwood Community Center, we classmates from the Terra Linda High School Class of 1969 (and our many friends) will gather together in celebration of our lives, our memories, and our relationships – with great food, drink, music, and more…

  • Have you registered yet for this 50th Reunion Event? If not, ‘click’ here to begin the quick and easy reservation process back on our safe & secure website.

The atmosphere and dress for the Partay will be casual with table seating available indoors and out (weather permitting). The fresh-made, all-you-can-eat BBQ menu will include hamburgers, hot dogs, polish sausage, chicken, veggie burgers, salads and desserts. Wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided, plus, if you have a favorite homebrew or homemade wine varietal that you’d like to share – we’ll have ice chests available for the Bring-Your-Own-Brew crew to fill-up as they’d like.

Favorite Brews, Beers, Wines and Liquors Welcome!

We’ve all been friends – some closer, some not so close – for 50+ years. As a group, you may remember that we provide a scholarship to one deserving senior student at TLHS every year. In order to secure the funding for that program a Silent Auction will take place during Saturday’s BBQ Partay (as well as on Friday night @ San Rafael Joe’s). Included in these auction(s) will be items like this from Mary Meyers Cheése…

This is a hand-crafted ‘upscaled’ chair that Mary will be offering in support of our Scholarship Fund. It was a pile of broken chair parts at one point – and after indulging in her obsession with color, reuse and ‘something’ – this is the finished work of cultural art she has created. It’s just amazingly beautiful – laced with the Terra Linda High School colors we know so well.

Also, Paul and Diane Ennis do a fair amount of nature/outdoor photography and they plan on submitting some framed photos to our Silent Auctions, which could grace the walls of your home or office – along the lines of these images…

From Bacchus to boats and grapes to prayer flags there are certain scenes that are worthy of capture and worthy of sharing. If you’d like to see more of Diane’s work please check out her Shutterstock portfolio here.

But, our Saturday BBQ Partay is going to be about much more than fund-raising. We have a very talented class of people who’ve spent years and years of time in a variety of performance-based endeavors and we’re going to put on a Talent Showcase beginning at 6:00 pm that will be sure to tickle your fancy, stimulate your heartbeat, and sooth your souls. We have singers, muscians, poets, writers and comedians among our ranks and you’ll get to hear from them all before the evening is over… (If you want to secure your 15-minutes of fame on our stage – please contact Natalie Cox via e-mail here

Natalie Cox will be coordinating the Talent Showcase, as well as playing her Harp for all to enjoy. Plus, we will have a variety of our classmates performing and singing and reading and laughing… long into the night.

The 50th Reunion of our class is no doubt a momentous occasion. One worthy of our spending the kind of quality time together that we’re planning to do, and that we don’t often get to do. Too many of us are not here, for a variety of reasons, which only makes it that much more important to savor, celebrate, and keep our hearts and minds focused on the present – the only ‘real’ thing that matters in the end.

We’re looking forward to having a wonderful weekend together in October and as 50th Reunions go – this one is going to be as special as we all can make it. Safe travels on your ways back home and thanks for staying connected these five decades long.

~~~ Your 50th Reunion Committee
Natalie, Bonnie, Paul, Mary, Lynn and Diane

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